The latest trends aimed at promoting energy savings and lower emissions of pollutants to generate heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water in residential buildings, have led to the adoption of single-use systems with centralized production.

This type of approach allows individual users to determine the use of heating and domestic hot water based on their own criteria, using a central element that offers high performance and lower CO2 emissions

Obviously, the system presents a series of technical and administrative characteristics focused on an individual use in which a rational use of energy and an individualized service for each user is a priority. For this reason, Sunflower offers an exclusive and differentiating service in all its energy management, consisting of indefinite attention (24 hours a day / every day of the year) of the individual installations of the users with travel and labor included. It also provides a web for viewing and downloading your bills, as well as the average consumption of your community.

At Sunflower, an energy services company (ESE-ESCO), we know that nota ll communities are the same, that is why we have developed different management alternatives so that communities can choose the model that best suits their needs.


Only users registered in the system pay the ESCO (ESE) their heating, climatization and domestic hot water...


All the co-owners pay the ESCO (ESE) part of their heating, climatization and domestic hot water according to the consumptions registered by their meters...


The Community pays the ESCO (ESE) heating, climatization and domestic hot water according to its meter readings...


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Heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water are some of the basic services that contribute to the well-being of a home. At Sunflower we are aware of their importance and that is why we offer our comprehensive advanced maintenance program for centralized systems.

It begins with a technical report of the installation, which includes a review of all its elements, as well as an annex with areas for improvement: optimization of performance, savings proposals, compliance with regulations, etc.

It includes both preventive maintenance with periodic revisions and special attention to fuel consumption reduction, and corrective maintenance with immediate attention 24 hours/365 days a year for incidents or breakdowns.

Within our maintenance programs, the Community can choose any of these different modalities:


Preventive and corrective maintenance in the energy production room and solar panel installations or cogeneration equipment, if existing in the building.


Traditional maintenance + any of these options: pressure groups, general distribution networks, individual installation and administrative management for the distribution of the cost of bills among the co-owners.


Advanced maintenance + Mantenimiento avanzado + free replacement of parts and labor. Specially designed for homeowners’ communitiones looking for stability in the anual budget.



To count on Sunflower Energías provides significant saving to our customers.

We contribute with our strong vocation in improving the energy efficiency of our customers’ facilities, so we offer the resuorces of our Company to reduce your energy bill, performing the following functions:

Energy audit of existing and projected buildings.

Energy audit of existing centralized installations.

Efficiency and operation improvement proposals.

Remote management and continuous monitoring of the installations.

Supervision of your energy supply invoices.

Proposals for the use of renewable energies.

Fuel and thermal generator change projects (boiler room renovation plan).

Viability study for the implementation of improvements in electrical installations

Proposals for the installation of individual energy meter sor cost allocators and thermostatic valves in radiators.

Study of reforms for the solution of operation and comfort problems in the thermal and domestic hot water installations.

Repair and commissioning of solar energy installations.

Proposal of energy saving and efficiency measures (MAES).

Modernization of existing installations with adaptation to regulations and application of the most modern and efficient technologies.

Guarantee of savings through proposals and contracts where we ensure results.

Investment for the improvement of facilities and achievement of savings targets.

Guarantee of savings through proposals and contracts where we ensure results.

Total guarantee of the new installations executed and of the common installations in energy management.


The energy efficiency criteria that Sunflower applies in its facilities come from our engineering team.

At the forefront in the use of eco-efficient technologies, we develop integral heating and domestic hot water projects for all types of buildings.

The trust placed in our capacity is reflected in the work we have done for the country's main construction companies and public institutions, as well as collaborations with the leading developers and architectural firms in energy efficiency, where it is essential to have a proven professional track record over time.

We are present in important projects, collaborating especially with those customers who seek efficiency and energy savings as a differential value in their facilities.

This is only possible with a qualified team that provides innovative solutions and responds to current energy needs, with an eye always on sustainable development.


Energy Service Companies (ESE), or ESCOs, are organizations that provide energy services at a given user's facilities, with payment for services being based on the achievement of energy savings. These savings will be achieved through the development of energy efficiency improvements in the facilities or through the use of renewable energy sources.

ESCOs can thus design, finance, install, commission and control a given project, assuming all or part of the technical and economic risk of the project, even guaranteeing the savings to be achieved through penalties in the event of failure to do so.

SUNFLOWER ENERGÍAS is the first Company in Spain that has obtained the ESE Plus Classification issued by ANESE (Association of Energy Services Companies) in the following two specialties:

  • HVAC (Heating, domestic hot water, ventilation and climatization).
  • Regulation and Control (Monitoring, supervisión and remote management systems for installations).

  • The advantages offered by SUNFLOWER ENERGÍAS as a classified Company are:
    • Evidence of providing energy services or energy efficiency improvement services.
    • It faces some degree of economic risk in achieving saving targets.
    • The payment for services provided is based (partially or fully) on the achievement of energy efficiency improvements and compliance with other performance requirements.
    • Its corporate purpose includes activities related to the provision of energy services or efficiency improvement services.
    • It has the appropriate technical qualification of its professionals.
    • It has the appropriate technical means to provide energy services.
    • It is obliged to demonstrate that it has a saving measurement and verification protocol that ensures saving levels during the term of the contract.
    • It is registered in the corresponding Social Security regime and has taken out civil liability inssurance policy for the services it provides.
    • It is listed in an oficial registry of the MInistry of Industry, energy and Mines.
    • It is endorsed and classified by an internationally recognized certifying company.
    • It has undergone an audit to demonstrate that it is capable of carrying out the ESCO model for guaranteeing savings.
    • It has a personalized seal and certificate that supports its activity.
    • It is endorsed and classified by an internationally recognized certifying company.

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